Friday, January 19, 2018

Wonderful, Relaxing Days Parked at LaPosa South

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We are spending some wonderful days parked out in the desert at LaPosa South LTVA. There are more and more rigs pulling in everyday but in our neighborhood there are open spaces and quiet, serene, living parked by friends. We are relaxing and enjoying the days slowly slip by. Life is good.

January 15, 2018

The sun setting at the end of the day.
I do not think we would ever get tired of this time of the day watching the
sun slip behind the mountains.

January 16, 2018

Stopped by on of my favorite Quartzsite Stores  and left with a few beads.

The wooden Eagle on the roof has some real bird friends
hanging out.

We took a ride over to Dome Rock BLM just to check out the area and see if there was any place we might enjoy hanging out sometime in the future.

A wiggle worm sign.

Saw this motorhome being moved. Hope this is never us.

Still learning to adjust the camera. The clouds over the mountains, I thought were beautiful, the clouds to the north were dark but the camera would not let me take a picture. Patsy mentioned, sometimes you need to refocus, so next time I will try that.

January 17, 2018

Caught this morning's sunrise.

Patsy and Bill's friends, Brenda and Randy, are on a whirlwind trip through a small portion of the southwest and stopped in to see them for a couple of nights. They generously shared some of their time with them with the rest of us. After Happy Hour at the Suite we all headed over to Silly Al's for dinner/pizza.

From the Left: Randy, Patsy, Bill, and Brenda.

George and Suzie

This group was, I think, posing for George when I snapped it.
Patsy and Bill in the front. Ann is behind.
Brenda on the left and Len in the background.

I missed getting a picture of Paul and Ann so I copied this off of Patsy's Blog.
Thanks Patsy.

The last little bit of today's light coming up behind the mountains.

January 18, 2018

We took a ride over by Scaddan Wash this evening.

Tonight's sunset.

Clouds to the south with just a touch of pink.

A Saguaro and the last of tonight's light.
Two sights we never get tired of seeing.

Some more beautifully colored pink clouds off to the Southeast.

The light color at the base of the mountains is the dust in the air
this evening as we head back into Quartzsite. Dust is part of being in
the desert but over by Scaddon Wash there is a lot of traffic on a sandy road
so the dust is pretty thick in the air.

January 19, 2018

Tonight's Happy Hour. Starting on the left: George, Tom's chair, Jim, Patsy, Bill,
Sharon, Suzie, and myself.
Jim and Sharon are longtime friends of Suzie and George's and stopped
in for a short visit.   

Tonight's sunset.

Our "neighborhood" in  tonight's afterglow.

Closing one of our shades I noticed the color had intensified and was
able to catch this picture from the doorway.

"Every Moment We Spend Worrying About
Is A Moment We Lose From Enjoying

We are enjoying our days and hope you can say the same.
If you would like to take the time to leave a comment, we will enjoy reading it.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Enjoying the Days

January 13, 2018

Saturday we started the day by driving over to RV Lifestyles to get some things checked out on the Stinger "B" and while they took care of that we drove over to the Mountain Quail Cafe for breakfast. If we are going out to breakfast in Quartzsite this is the place we are headed to. The food and the service are always excellent.

Parked back in our neighborhood I decided to take the new camera out for a walk. Below are some of the photos.

First stop was to check out the Ocotillo across the way. Some green on the
branches but no sign of little green leaves. 

Trying out the zoom.

Not sure why I liked the look of these rocks but I did.

Tall stately Saguaro.

Happy Hour at the Stinger "B"
From the right: George, Suzie, Bill, Patsy, Tom, and my chair.

The end of the days light.

January 14, 2018

Early this morning we headed into Parker for 8 o'clock Mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. The light was just starting to peak over the mountains as we pulled out and once we turned north onto
US-95 I tried to capture some of the color. This is only my second day using the new camera and they did not turn out to badly. I am reading the book and I can tell this is going to be a process but one I am going to enjoy.

I could tell the sun had come up over the mountains behind us by
the light on the mountains in the west.

The road ahead.

After Mass we had breakfast at the Crossroad Cafe and we would go back again. They even offered Mimosa's and Bloody Mary's but knowing I was going to be doing some grocery shopping afterwards I decided coffee was to be the beverage of choice.

On the way home we took a quick ride down Plomosa Road.

Tom and I are guessing this is their "RV"

Saguaro with the Plomosa Mountains in the background.

In past years when we have parked in this area in March there are maybe
 a half dozen RV's parked near us. Just a "few" more in January.

Back home, Suzie and George on the right and Patsy and Bill's
Black Beauty can be seen on the left.

As we were sitting and chatting at today's Happy Hour George mentioned that Nancy Kissack, Kissack Adventures, had contacted him about stopping out to meet them and it was not long after that she pulled up. To end up meeting not two but six fellow bloggers. She was a wonderful addition to the Happy Hour. It was nice to meet another blogging RV'er and with that in common the conversation just continued to flow. 

Tonight's Happy Hour and I barely got Tom in the picture. Going right:
Bill, George, Suzie, Nancy, and Patsy.

I keep missing the actual sunset.

The last of the light on the mountains to the east of us.

The sky turned a lovely pink.
Quartzsite in the distance.

The last little bit of color as the sun sinks farther into the west.

We have had a couple of great days parked out in the desert. We hope you enjoyed your weekend.
If you would like to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.